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  Clell Warner & Cliff Michel - 1949

Charter Members
of the Othello Rodeo Assoc

Justin Reno, Clayton Finkbeiner, Ralph Nygren,
A.J. Loiselle, Miss Jennie Leach, P.P. Herman,
Edwin Rorvik, William Gunnell, C.R. Wilson,
Homer Reno, Clayton Michel, Joe Camarata,
Cliff Michel, Mrs. A.B. Dye, Gordon May,
Leon Haase Ban St. Luis, Robert Roloff,
J.R. Edson, O.F. Kenfield, Jake Stevens,
Jack Mulligan, Frank Cox, E.N. Michel,
Johnny Mercer, G.W. Finkbeiner, Clyde Matthews,
Milford Terry, Elmer Roloff, Claude Campbell,
Bob Vietzke, Wally Haight, Bill Gattus,
Mitch Nimey, C.D. Lombard, Al Perrault,
Robert C. Lewis, Mike Jacoby, Harold Coffman,
Freddie Eng, Bud Steele, Lowell Prevo,
Bob Hale, L. Jumper, John Steele,
Kenny Ramm, Ed Snyder, Charles Wilson

Current Officers & Board Members
of the Othello Rodeo Assoc

President:Rebecca Wolfs
Vice President: Will Fleshman
Secretary: Skyler Reichert
Treasurer: Rosie Dockins

Board Members

Rebecca Wolfs
Benny Beck
Will Fleshman
Adam Robertson
Brad Hershman
Mark Van Landingham
Ahsley Johns
John Hedrick
Ron Weber
Rick Bougher
Ken Dockins

Queens Board

Rosie Dockins
Charnett Hedrick
Shelly Todd
Jody Weber
Jessica Jahns
Ashley Jahns
Katelynn Jahns
Katie Garfield
Stephannie Tolley
Trisha tolley

Welcome to Othello Rodeo
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Hiawatha Rodeo SiteOthello Rodeo Beginnings
During the summer of 1948 Mr. Cliff Michel built the first Rodeo Arena, on the site where the Hiawatha School now stands. This rodeo was started for the sole purpose of bringing a fall celebration to Othello . The first amateur rodeo was Sat., Oct. 3, 1948. Fifty-six cowboys entered in seven different events, for a total purse of $500.

Local cowboys that entered in the first rodeo were: Dick Donley, Rube Emerson, Leon Haase, Phil Herman, Norm Kruse, Perry Larson, Kenny May, Clayton Michel Cliff Michel, Claude Moore, John Para Jr., Larry Crider, Bob McCourtie, Chet Phillips (Lind), Darrow (Darrel?) Rorvik, Harold Hodges, Harold Swabb (Moses Lake).

Kenny Kenfield was the first rodeo announcer. He announced the 1948-49 rodeos.

Mr. Cliff Michel started, sponsored and financed the Othello Rodeo from 1948 thru 1951. During this time the Othello Rodeo was amateur and had some outstanding cowboys…Dean Oliver, who has won the World Championship in calf roping in 1960, 61, & 62, won 3rd place in calf roping at your Othello Rodeo in 1951 as an amateur. Paul Templeton, who is 4th bareback rider in the world today, won 2nd place at Othello in 1950. Jim Roeser, who has won over $7,000 riding saddle bronc…Jerry Anderson, Ellensburg calf roper, roped at Othello in 1950.

On August 8, 1952, a meeting was called to form the Othello Rodeo Assn. The association was formed and incorporated, as a non-profit organization. The first officers elected were: Cliff Michel, president; Lyle Menser, vice president; Homer Reno, secretary; Bernice Matthews, treasurer; Clyde Matthews, director; Mark Leighton, 2nd director.

In 1952 the Rodeo Assn. took over the annual rodeo celebration, which has grown each year.

1954 the Othello Rodeo Assn. had to move their arena to make way for the new Hiawatha School. They purchased 60 acres (or 80 acres) of land west of Othello from W.C. Ralston. On this new site a completely new rodeo arena was constructed. Rodeos were held on this new site from 1954 thru 1958. The first year, 1954, water had to be hauled in for dust control. The following years water kept raising; finally the arena was covered with two feet of water. After pumping water off the land for the 1958 rodeo, the Rodeo Assn., finally gave up and moved again.

A new site was chosen and 40 acres of land purchased from the U.S. Government. On this new land southeast of Othello, they again built a completely new rodeo arena. There was no rodeo in 1959. In 1960-61 amateur events were held on the new site. Othello was chosen in 1961 for the Northwest Amateur Trails Rodeo.

Othello had its first world championship rodeo, RCA approved, in 1962. Othello rodeo fans saw the top cowboys, including Benny Reynolds, world champion all around cowboy in 1961; Kenny McLean, world champion saddle bronc rider for 1961 and again in 1962; Wiston Bruce, #2 saddle bronc rider in the world; Pete Crump, #3 bull rider; Warren Wuthier, #6 calf roping standings; and many others.

We are proud of our rich heritage. From our humble beginnings to the present day, our goal was and is to produce one of the best Rodeos anywhere. That is exactly what we have done.

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