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Miss Rodeo Othello 2016


Savanah Gabel

Savanah Gabel is the 19-year-old daughter of Lisa Gladden and Kenny Gabel and resides in Benton City, Washington. She attends Columbia Basin College where she is acquiring her AA transfer degree and will then transfer to a University where she will further her education in the medical field.

Savanah’s fascination with horses started as a young girl. She participated in 4-H for ten years, showing performance on the B circuit and lightly on the Quarter Horse circuit. When not on horse back she enjoys: Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, boating and anything that has to do with the outdoors.

She loves inspiring others to do bigger and better things in this world and through this program she wishes to fill the gap between the sport of rodeo and the general public during her year.

Savanah looks forward to her year representing the Othello PRCA and will do her best to promote the best small rodeo around.

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Othello Rodeo Queens

Thank you for visiting our rodeo web site. Enjoy your stay and we will see you at this years Rodeo!

Please email us any additions or corrections to the Queens Hall list below.

Please send corrections/additions to:


Interested in running for Miss Rodeo Othello 2017?

Young ladies from the ages of 16 – 20 interested in running for Miss Rodeo Othello 2017, need to contact one of the people listed below.  The Miss Rodeo Othello 2017 contest is September 9th and 10th.  Orientation will be August 22th, 2016.

Please contact:

Queen advisor:
Shelly Todd   - 509-750-5674
General Queen Information:
Katie Garfield 509-859-3206
Char Hedrick 509-760-6972


Please check-in at the Rodeo Royalty booth, located at the North end of arena, no later than 7:15 p.m. each rodeo performance evening.

Information about your Rodeo Royalty should be on one side of a 3x5 index card.

Due to insurance requirements, visiting royalty must be at least 16 years of age or older to ride in the Grand Entry.

Any questions concerning Grand Entry, please contact Ashley Jahns 509-331-4373, or Lindsy Prows 509-855-3906.


2015-QJena Bayley
2014-Q Kendra Dockins
2013-Q Stephanie Tolley
2012-Q Samantha Howes

2011-Q Lacy Goroski
2010-Q Jade Thompson
2009-Q Ashley Jahns
2008-Q. Catrina Langley
-Q. Kylie Kooistra
2006- Q. Katie Garfield
2005- Q. Tara Rattray
2004 - Q. Amanda Voelz
2003 – Q. Sarah Perkins
2002 – Q. Alicia Berg
2001 – Q. Stephanie Robb
2000 – Q. Cyndi Weber
1999 – Q. Lacey Palmer
1998 – Q. Janna Benzel
1997 – Q. Kim Carlson
1996 – Q. Casey Kooistra
1995 – Q. Renee Melgren
1994 – Q. Tanya Carlson Lee
1993 – Q. Jennifer Conrad
1992 – Q. Cheryl Van Beek, P. Nancy Dillman & Donna Spencer
1991 – Q. Cheryl Van Beek
1990 – Q. Colleen Trussell
P. Gwen Sievers & Cheryl Van Beek
1989 – Q. Sheila Stacy
1988 – Q. Traci Taylor
1987 – Q. Krista Bunch
1986 – Q. Fela “ChaChi” Bustamante
1985 – Q. Angie Desmarais Lawson
1984 – Q. Rosie Lee Dockins
1983 – Q. Charlene Watson
P. Theresa Holliday
1982 – Q. Tammie Helke & P. Tracy
1981 – Q. Brenda Sullivan Mann
P. Jennifer Jarman McCloy

1980 – Q. Kelly Hitchcock
P. Tami Hall & P. Marcie Booher
1979 – Q. Karla Solbrack
P. Tami Hall
1978 – Q. Nancy Woodward Freeman
P. Karla Solbrack & P. Terri Mathis
1977 – Q. Debra Ross Sullivan
1976 – Q. Julia Lewis Graff
P. Nancy Lewis Hollenbeck
1975 – Q. Karla Miller
P. Lynette Plamer & P. Tovi Maxwell Naff
1974-73 - Q. Debbie Rock Brenning
1972-71 – Q. Kathy Schneider
P. Becky Kirkpatrick & P. Celeste Holm
1970 – Q. Susie Cyr Latimer
P. Cindy Way & P. Jana Ross
1969 – Co-Queens - Tami McKay (now Tamara Sackett), and Janet Gunther.
1968 – Q. Jeannie Angelsey
1967 – Q. Joleen Smasne McKay
1966 – Q. Sue “Dilley” Laursen
1965 – Q. Linda Rickman
1964 – Q. Lonnie Nimey
1963 – Q. Bonnie Dent Bunch
1962 – Q. Barbara Mercer
P. Kay Webb & P. Virgelene Johnson
1961 – Q. Connie Bernhart W
1960 – Q. Sharon Peterson
1959 – no rodeo
1958 – Q. Barbara Wright
1957 – Q. Carolyn Vance
1956 – Q. Sharon Jacoby Thomas
1955 – Q. Carolyn McLaughlin
1954 – Q. Fern Jorgenson
1953 – Q. Jackie Beebe
*1952 – Q. Janice Kanenwisher

*Othello’s first rodeo and rodeo queen
Q. = Queen P. = Princess

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